Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, M.A.

Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, M.A.

Shaktipat experiences

Ruffina gives Shaktipat by looking at you, with intention. It is effortless and pleasant. Those receiving her Shaktipat have varied experiences, some of which are described here: altered perception, third eye awakening, deep silence, ability to gain more knowledge from objects of perception, growth of love for self and of God. Most people retain these abilities afterwards.

light-filled room

"I actually rubbed my eyes and tried to make my vision come back TO NORMAL TO TEST AND CHECK my experience. IT DIDN'T CHANGE! The light was still there!"

Loralee C., Utah

"You are light, all things to all people, Atman-Brahman, Creator and Creation. I see you as many forms because behind all forms is light - which you are and I am. Thank you for showing me the infinite forms of the Self."

Davy M.C., Trinidad

past lives

"I saw the entire room turn white, almost like it was filled with smoke, then I saw Ruffina shining in gold and then the room filled with gold light. I saw Ruffina's face change shape, first to an older lady and then kept changing appearance."

Sam. B. Trinidad

indescribable bliss

"This is when I began to cry and laugh at the same time.  I became so blissful and happy. I then began to lose my body consciousness or rather felt like I was floating in a blissful ocean of being.  My body movements became very slow and everything became utterly beautiful and lovable.  I was looking at my hands, the sofa, any object really and I was in love with everything I was seeing.  I remember at one point I began to pray and ask that God never leaves me again.  I wanted this never to stop. "
Janet B.,  St Louis, MO

expansion, joy, love

"I felt deep silence, expansion, beautiful joy, love, bigger than my body - didn't want to come back :)
I saw it even while she was giving shaktipat to the others. "
Richard S., Trinidad

Golden glow

"I began to see a glow of yellow around your head, small at first. And then it grew. After about 10 minutes I began to see the glow grow in size behind your head and to expand to other parts of the room, your clothing. I saw the glow even when you were looking at someone else."
Frank P., St Louis, MO